PEDLA Co. Is dedicated to sustainability! The ethos of sustainability has led us to develop innovations including a carbon neutral business model, with fully recyclable keg packaging and delivery method, accompanied with our direct sourcing strategy that underpins our wholesale suppliers.

PEDLA Co. Has a commitment to ensuring social, environmental and economic sustainability is identified and maintained. By skipping the packaging and solid waste steps of typical coffee & tea production, we reduce your carbon footprint. We believe Coffee is a precious commodity and should be treated with LOVE. On average 40% of brewed beverages are wasted due to over brewing and loss of flavor while held in dispensers. Our delivery method of kegging holds 80+ servings of perfection. And because our product doesn’t require server preparation, we save, 6 LT of water, 0.7 KG of roasted coffee, and 1-½ hours of labor in every keg we brew for you.

A win-win situation for all concerned: Beverages as the producer meant them to be, in the lightest form of container with the lowest handling costs and the best shelf life ONTAP, with no CO2!

Did you know paper cups contain a thin plastic layer on the inside- this is why those paper cups don’t dissolve when you fill them with liquid. This also means that they won’t break down as per standard paper or bioplastic products. So, at PEDLA Co. Our clear cups are created using a substance called Poly-Latic-Acid (PLA) a plant-based plastic made by Ingeo™ a brand name for a range of (PLA) owned by Nature Works. The process to create Ingeo™ makes use of the carbon stored in plants by photosynthesis in the form of dextrose sugar. Its carbon footprint is up to 75% smaller than producing conventional plastics and they are the ONLY clear bioplastic cups certified commercially compostable to Australian AS 4736 standards. We also use a variety of other sustainable alternatives such as forest-friendly paper, wood and cardboard. Which all break down naturally!

While most of us grew up with plastic in pretty much everything, the reality is that virtually all of that plastic is still around in one form or another as plastic items take up to 1000 years to break down! And even when these items do finally break down they often release dangerous chemicals such as Bishenol A (BPA) that can cause a variety of health concerns. Recent estimates suggest that Australians use more than 1 Billion takeaway coffee cups per year, while the UK goes through more than 3 Billion. So, the time to make the change to better a cup is now!



We use rapidly renewable sustainably sourced materials that are non-toxic throughout their life-cycle for our packaging products. Our products are certified carbon neutral and after use, can be either recycled or commercially composted.