Much thought goes into the specific bean and how it’s roasted. Typically, hot coffee requires the rapid and intense extraction of flavor from the beans, resulting in a more acidic and bitter drink. Cold Brew is perfectly roasted sweet coarsely ground coffee beans steeped in filtered cold water and strained. This process may take up to two days and typically uses a higher coffee-to-water ratio. The end result accentuates the specific notes of the coffee bean providing you with a more complex taste easily differentiated from the traditional hot coffee.

You get more buzz for your buck.

You’ll enjoy the subtleties of the coffee bean without the overpowering acidity or bitterness.  Adding the Nitro twist and pressurizing it into kegs makes our coffee special. Not only is it visually intriguing, but it also gives the Cold Brew a rich, creamy texture and natural sweetness without the need to add milk and sugar. It’s a similar process as most beers are produced, such as Stouts and Guinness in particular.

Self-described as ~ Coffee in its purest form.


Cold brew can be a healthier choice for two reasons:

  • It’s a less acidic brew that is soft on the digestive system.

  • Its smooth taste reduces the need to add other ingredients such as milk and sugar to neutralize the acidity. It’s pure black coffee that will not play havoc on your blood sugar levels.


As it’s less acidic, the body processes the caffeine in a different way, giving you a slow uptake that doesn’t feel like you have touched an electric wire.

Our delivery method of kegging preserves the unique volatile flavors and aromatics of each coffee variety. When served from a stout-beer faucet, the resulting Nitro Cold Brew cascades to a beautiful creamy head with smooth, clean flavors, that our consumers LOVE.

It’s our top priority to produce a beautiful beverage for you whilst treating your coffee with respect and integrity. We aim to exceed your expectations of quality, sustainability and value throughout the process. We will change the way that you think about coffee, and how you experience every single cup; we aim to create an environment that fosters questions, develops conversations, and embraces knowledge.

We are all still students in an always-evolving world.