Proudly Australian owned and operated, currently based out of Holdfast Bay, Adelaide’s beachside neighbourhood. We are a mobile business frequently serving the masses along the beach bike path at John Miller Reserve via our custom-built tricycle, powered by sustainable means. The trike itself has been inspired by our LOVE of early 20th Century American boardwalk culture. We also participate in local events that promote community development within the city, as well as supporting the local artisans that we believe in.

Founder’s Story

From our daily coffee service, to special events and collaborative projects, we curate opportunities that allow community to happen naturally. For us, it happens most naturally over a cup of coffee. So, whether it be around the table, at the bar, in the open air, or collaborating on a special project, we can share these moments with the people around us, in order that they may be more fully enjoyed.

Our purpose is to deliver excellence in everything that we do. Offering only the finest ingredients and processes for the community, our commitment to quality begins with the coffee seed and continues beyond your empty cup. We’re redefining what excellence looks like; from your choice of beverage, to what sits on your plate. Our heartbeat has always been in stride with our desire to be a benefit to our community. We want to create a movement of people helping themselves and the world around them; Inspiring people to do what inspires them, so together we can change the world!

Welcome to ~ Coffee Art Culture Reimagined.



Most people think that all cold brew is the same, however this is not true. Most people who try to make cold brew use either Steeping (Bucket Brewing) or Cold Drip. At Pedla Co. our manufacturing partner is one of only two companies in the world who use a proprietary Cold Press process to extract the liquid coffee from the bean.

The ground coffee is placed in a huge chamber, along with triple filtered cold water at below six degrees. The coffee is then slowly pressed over a 24 hour period using over 2 tonnes of hydraulic pressure, creating an artificial altitude.

Using such extreme pressure archives cell lysis or cellular disruption – Is a method in which the outer cell membrane is broken down in order to release intracellular materials from the coffee bean cell and when compared to the other brewing methods, Cold Pressing yields a greater number of compounds and flavour through the process. – A REAL COLD PRESS COFFEE.

What does this mean for you? We have sourced the unique method of brewing iced coffee that allows us to deliver and highlight the sweetness, nuance and character of exceptional coffee’s. This is the type of experience our delivery allows; engaging all of your senses in the enjoyment of an exquisite cup of coffee. With better long-term flavour stability and shelf life.

Millennials demand authentic products with verified sustainability. Our products are made with the best hand-crafted, ethically sourced ingredients available, certified organic coffee and pure filtered water. No artificial preservatives or additives are used in the transformative process. It’s our collective commitment toward sourcing the art of brewing so you don’t have to.

A profoundly good cold press that exceeds your expectations.

Our cold press is made from 100% hand-crafted, single origin, Colombian organic coffee and purified water, slowly brewed over twenty-four hours to create a lusciously smooth beverage that’s both bold and refreshing. Enjoyed cold, straight out of the can, over ice with a splash of milk or dress it up into your favourite cocktail.

A distinct flavour profile of intense dark chocolate, hazelnut and rich toffee notes. Contains 150mgs of natural caffeine per 250ml can. It’s a powerfully delicious handful of coffee that moves with you. Leaving you prepared for any adventure.


Keep refrigerated or in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Consume within two days once opened. Best served chilled. Long-term flavour stability with nine months shelf life. Best Before date (please see bottom of can). Coffee is a natural product that varies between harvests and seasons.

  • Made in Australia

  • Organic

  • Ethically sourced

  • Low in acidity, high in antioxidants

  • Zero calories

  • Single origin


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